What is a photo montage?
A montage is a series of still photographs, digital
pictures and video (analog or digital) assembled together in
a creative and interesting sequence set to music with
transitions and special effects such as panning and
zooming in /out to certain portions of the picture.

How are our photo montages different?
We are a personalized company that combines the needs
of the client with our professionalism and creativity. Each montage is
customized to fit your and your family.  The timing, with the right
selection of pictures and choice of music is what separates good
montages from
great montages.

How many photos are included in the montage?
We have three different packages to choose from. We can work
together to determine your personal needs.  We will also include
video, either analog or digital, in the montage with or without audio.

What music will you use?
We have an amazing assortment of music from classical
to jazz to rock and roll. We also have access to hundreds of songs,
including religious, children's music and pop music. If you have a
favorite song or set of songs, we'd be more than happy to
accommodate you. We can send you a list from which you can
chose. It can be our choice or yours or a combination of the two

Can you retouch or edit and crop my photos?
Yes,  photo editing (i.e. Red eye, blemishes, cropping)
is part of our service.

Can I have captions added to my montage?
Absolutely! Let us know what you’d like to say and we
can incorporate it into the montage.

Can you scan my photos?  I don't have a scanner.
Yes, we can scan your photos, although we are not
responsible for post office mishaps.  You can have your
photos scanned at the local photo store and have it
saved to a disc and send it to us.  That is the safest
and most convenient way to send pictures